Every person who has accomplished greatness is a great communicator!


MY Mission


I am an author, speaker, teacher, and coach who specializes is helping business professionals and individuals develop to their full potential.  As a communication expert it is my goal to ensure that the client has everything required to create, manage, and deliver communication efforts successfully. 

I hired Dr. Dykes to train my sales team in two areas, communications skills and team building. After working with Dr.Dykes my team went on to have the most successful years to date. I would highly recommend Dr. Dykes for group and individual consulting and coaching!
— Mark Tate, Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, INC.


·     20+ years experience in Management and Leadership Development, Coaching, or equivalent.

·     Certified Business Coach with proficiency in providing top class leadership coaching and training to individuals and corporate organizations to position their companies at the forefront of their industries.

·     Qualified in coaching individuals to develop strategies to achieve personal and professional success as well as a wide knowledge of personal and career development issues.

·     Excellent facilitation and presentation skills, including incorporation of principles of adult learning, as well as exceptional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

·     Strong leader/team player with a track record of positive and collaborative internal and external relationships.

·     Extraordinary skill to communicate and interact with executives at all levels of management and to work effectively with a wide range of individuals in a diverse community, as well as adept at establishing comfort levels with clients, and thorough understanding of human psychology and behavior.

·     In-depth ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects.